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The Viens Family Genealogy

Several years ago, my father gave me a copy of a narrative genealogy report given to him by a cousin, a Catholic priest.  It seems that he had done a great deal of research on the family line, traveling to Canada and Upstate New York to gather information.  This sparked my interest.  I wanted to know more.  From the background information that I had, I have been able to add to it and the family tree is growing daily and turning into a forest.  As I search and find ancestors, what started as looking for my direct line, turned to adding the many related family members that I find.  As I have added more and more great grandparents over generations, I have also added their other children....generations of my own aunts and uncles and cousins.  To me, it is extremely interesting to see how many times family lines intertwine and the results of that generations later. 

The search has not been easy, especially for information during the time that they emigrated to New York.  As Father Richard noted in his original work, there were two men living in Quebec at the same time, both with the name Vivien Jean.  In my search, this is where I have found the most errors in the family line.   Father Richard has copies of church records that verify what he has written.   And documents of the Notaries of Quebec that can be found, in part, online, verify some of the information.   There is also a copy of the Stebbins-Alexander line of our family, that I have placed on the site.   It was included with the Viens line that Father Richard worked on.

I have also begun to collect information on the Roy (King after the emigration to New York) line, which was my paternal grandmother's family.  Some of that information, I have collected from the family bible, and some I have gotten from relatives.

I am always looking for more information to the family tree.  I am also beginning to look for ancestors on my mother's side (Prion, from Alsace-Lorraine and McGaw), but this is proving a more difficult task.   Any additions or corrections are welcome.  A special thank you to all who have helped me so far by giving me information and family names and dates.

My Ancestors

Updated July 8, 2002

Viens Parish Records

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Original Genealogy Report of Father Richard

The Stebbins Line by Father Richard


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