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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with W

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Wallace, Russell (-1978)
Waterman, Corrine L. (--living--)
Waterman, Wallace E. (--living--)
Waters, Alice Louise (--living--)
Waters, Carrie Louise (--living--)
Waters, Jeremy (--living--)
Waters, Patricia Ellen (--living--)
Waters, Thomas (-)
Waters, Thomas (26 DEC 1944-1945)
Weissenberger, Christina Grace (--living--)
Weissenberger, David Christian (--living--)
Weissenberger, John Albert (--living--)
Weissenberger, Valerie Lenore (--living--)
Welsh, Katherine (AUG 1873-14 NOV 1941)
Whiting, John (-)
Whiting, Sarah (30 NOV 1591-4 OCT 1649)
Willette, Loretta (-)
Williams, Sarah (-)
Wolford, Mary (-)
Wright, Deacon Samuel (-)
Wright, Elizabeth (-)
Wright, Hannah (-16 DEC 1660)
Wright, Samual (-)